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With ASE version 15 there are a lot of new configuration parameters to be used with sp_configure. Here's an overview of configuration paremeters that are quick to implement and might be usefull to use (or check out).

optimization goal A very interesting option since it allows you to configure ASE with information about what types of queries are typically used. Possible options are allrows_oltp, allrows_mix (default value) and allrows_dss. I have done quite a lot of benchmarking with it and it worked quite well, that is, until ASE 15.0.1 ESD 1 came along. With that release all queries use the same query plan, regardles of the optimization goal. Hopefully it will work again in the coming future.

sysstatistics flush interval Sets the interval in minutes between flushes of data to sysstatistics, espescially the number of rows and columns changed. When you do not use stored procedures in ASE this can help to achieve getting better query plans. It also helps to get more accurate information out of the datachange() function. Set to 5 for an interval of 5 minutes.

cis idle connection timeout When you use ASE to connect to other types of servers (like ASE or IQ) a CIS connection is created for you. With "cis idle connection timeout" you can set the amount in seconds to use as an idle timeout value. After this time the connection is dropped when it has been idle. Whenever the CIS connection is required again, it is automaticly re-created. Set to 60 for a timeout of 1 minute.

enable logins during recovery During recovery, as soon as the listeners are started, any user can log on to ASE. This can be unwanted behaviour since user databases can still be in recovery mode. The login is then kept in the master database by default. Applications that access database objects without specifying the database name (like authors in stead of pubs..authors) will receive a lot of errors due to the fact that the required object does not exists in the master database. Set the option to 1 to use this feature. During recovery only logins with sa_role can log on. This option is especialy useful for application servers like WebSphere.