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I'm currently (may/june 2006) doing some research on the usability of ASE and Replication Server with Xen virtualization (http://www.xensource.com) on Linux systems. Some quick notes:

  • ASE 15.0 works OK but sofar only limited tests have been performed.
  • Replication Server 15.0 is a problem. It seems that the problem is related to "tread-local storage" (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thread_Local_Storage). For performance reasons Xen does not use the standard libraries located in /lib/tls/* but uses it's own mechanism to handle thread-local storage. For a user of replication server the problem appears that stable devices cannot be created (in fact only a single 16Kb allocation is done). All research is now focussed on the impact of using thread local storage from /lib/tls and it's performance impact.

All feedback on this subject is very welcome. mailto:peter@petersap.nl