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Based on an Linux installation using ASE version 15.0 (ebf 12780), here are some steps to install WebServices on an existing database server.

  • Run the aseplugin executable (located in $SYBASE/ASEP/bin). Pass the parameter -i for interactive mode (not -I as stated in the Sybase documentation)
  • Answer all the questions.
  • During the installation an sp_configure "enable webservices",1 is done
  • The script $SYBASE/$SYBASE_WS/bin/installws is loaded into the database server, basically installing the procedures sp_webservices and sp_get_unique_table into the sybsystemprocs database.
  • At the end a properties file is generated in $SYBASE/$SYBASE_WS/props. You can manualy changed this file.
  • When you specified a non-default consumer port, please change the properties file afterwards with the right port number.
  • Modify the properties file to indicate the location of the interfaces file. Put the location in the line starting with "com.sybase.ase.ws.interfaces".

Starting / Stopping

Starting or stopping the producer

  • run the runws / stopws script, but do not supply a "-v" argument.
  • For better debugging when you run into problems, change the runws script so that the output generated by the producer is not being written to /dev/null, but write it into a file.